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Maven E&L Open for Business

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Maven E&L was born officially on 26th Aug and will start trading on 20th Oct. It has been an exciting time setting up Maven E&L. I was determined to make Maven E&L a cloud based business from the inside out. This I hope will mean we will be able to able to make best use of latest technology to communicate quickly and effectively with all our clients. Sharing securely the insight and experience on the world of E&L. During the month of September I have been busy with the Website and setup of my Office 365 environment.

Learning new IT skills as I go to setup the email exchange, and design this website and write this blog.

Logo of Company Maven E&L
Maven E&L Logo

I hope you like the Maven E&L logo. I am looking forward to adding it to invoices for all my clients!

Check out the website

Maven E&L Ltd Managing Director and Principal Consultant
Jason Creasey

and let me know what you think. Happy to hear ideas for improvement

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